About Kelly & Jekel Duo

Kelly & Jekel Duo 1992 (photo Jim Pryts)

John Kelly and Jennifer Jekel are neighbors and long-time friends who live in the mountains of Napa Valley, in Northern California. They have been playing music together since Jennifer learned her first tune in the summer of 1985, when she brought her mandolin to John’s workshop and he picked up his guitar and accompanied her on Solders Joy. Not long after, they gained notoriety for their diverse ethnic sounds. John Kelly has been a performer of Irish, Scottish, British Isles traditional folk songs since he was a very young lad from his homeland of Wales.

The Kelly & Jekel Duo have in recent years composed their own material under the genre of what they have named ” Bohemian Nouveau “.  Have you ever heard Bohemian Nouveau ?  Well, come to their next performance, and experience this wholesome, home-grown genre ~ born and raised in the Napa Valley !  Taste the evocative gypsy minors paired with delightful melodic majors, in their intriguing & playful stage work of mandolin and guitar.

John’s vocals of traditional Celtic songs accompanied by Jennifer on mandolin, or,  Jennifer’s melodic and sensual mandolin accompanied by John’s bassy and clever guitar will bring a smile to any audience, whisking the listener away to some far corner of the world through song.

Performing together in the Napa Valley since 1990.


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