Welcome to Our New Site !

This is the place where we will talk about everything  going on with Kelly & Jekel Duo, in regard to the greater public interest. We will talk about the gigs coming up, yes, but also our recordings and releases which are beginning to happen, finally, since we began composing nearly two years ago. Follow us and join in with our developing sound we like to call “Bohemian Nouveau”  and “Napa Mex”. Kelly & Jekel are Indie Musicians , that is, we compose, practice, record, drink coffee, etc, all in a small corner of John’s upstairs barn dwelling. It’s quaint, cozy, and very productive. Oh, and please feel free to give us a note in the ‘contact’ page above. We will be humans and not cyber-bots, we will call you back, or write back. That is, when we’re done practicing. 🙂   Or, you can let the WordPress cyber-bot notify you whenever we make updates here about new releases or performances in town, by clicking the ‘follow’ button on the right sidebar there.

Thank you and, we’ll be seeing you around town.

Please let us know what you think !

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