Territory Ahead . . .

John & cast

Friends & Fellow Muses,  Take a close look at the photo here, and notice something is not right. Well, to tell the truth, everything is quite right, just that John has gotten a little lopsided. (( Dan of ” All-Star Guitars ”  notice that your guitar straps come in handy for other things than just guitars! )) . Due to John needing carpel tunnel surgery in *both* hands (this one being the first of two surgeries)  the duo will be taking a short break in our playing schedule for the next couple of months. We surely will be ready for the Napa Farmers’ Market when it comes around in May, though before then, we will stay busy with a lot of Kelly & Jekel Duo desk work which has piled to the ceiling.

Honestly, over the last two decades John has endured progressive numb pain in both hands, but especially his left, and so and he & we are only too happy to welcome any change that can only have a positive influence on our performance, tune-writing, and mountains of recording we have promised and will need to catch up on whence the healing is done.

Thank you for your interest, your patronage, and your friendship, we will be seeing you in the sun rays of Spring ~~~ and until the next post, Happy Trails To All.

7 thoughts on “Territory Ahead . . .

  1. Poor John – worst nightmare for a guitar player, but I do know at least a couple of others who have had the surgery and come back even better than before. Wishing him a speedy and full recovery – May’s not far away 🙂 xox

    • Hi Jean , Jen told me about your broken hand, and that you’re a musican. I’m not sure what is worse, a broken hand , or (two) carpel tunnel surgeries back-to-back ! Hmm… broken hand wins, (hands down!) . Many thanks for your concern, will be back soon.

  2. From a far-away admirer of the famous Californian Duo, get better soon John! We miss those great tunes of yours … A toast for other 100 years of magical hands!
    Un abrazo grande!
    Alejandro (Argentina)

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