2014 Gig Season Preview

Hello Friends, it’s already middle of March, so close to Spring. John’s hands are healing wonderfully from carpel tunnel surgery last February, and yesterday we had our first practice in 40 days. We’re feeling very good about forthcoming gig season ~ we will be continuing at Upvalley Vintners in Calistoga , as well as some dates for Music In The Courtyard at Schug Winery in Sonoma, both for which I’ll post dates when we have the playing schedule.
However, we do have our dates for the forthcoming Napa Valley Farmers Market~ only four this year, though more may materialize in the coming months. As always, we hope to see you there!

def1e5f7cc1d9dfbe99c16baa963771dNapa Farmers’ Market 2014 schedule is set !  As we know, the market is still being held at 500 First Street (parking lot next to Oxbow Market).  We will playing our usual a mix of traditional folk songs of Ireland, Scotland & British Isles as well as our own instrumental compositions we have been busy polishing up. Ever listen to our self-proclaimed genre we call ” Bohemian Nouveau ” ?? Come and experience!

John Kelly sings and plays guitar, and Jennifer Jekel plays mandolin.

These are the dates we’re playing this year, please come see us !
June 3, Tuesday   8:30 am – noon
August 5,  Tuesday  8:30 am – noon
September 9, Tuesday   8:30 am – noon
October 28, Tuesday   8:30 am – noon

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Please let us know what you think !

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