Up Valley Vintners Season Kick-Off

Well Friends and Friendly Listeners~~  our first gig is scheduled to play this coming Saturday,  on  April 26th at Up Valley Vintners. It is the first of hopefully many performances this season. (sorry for the late notice !)  We will be playing from 4:30 to 7:30 pm.

Incidentally, as we are playing lots there….

 **  Our schedule of performance dates at Up Valley Vintners is listed  HERE **

Bring a snack or picnic to enjoy with their wines, ((they don’t sell food))  and just hunker down for a spell.    They are a great place with lots of really nice people (and wines of course !)


Up Valley Vintners  (their website)

1371 Lincoln Avenue,  Calistoga

(one door past the big mint green bank building on the corner of Lincoln and Washington)

Phone : (707) 942-1004

What ?

Us … we, the Kelly & Jekel Duo !!!

Come listen to our mix of Bohemian Nouveau acoustic instrumental ORIGINAL music ~~ born & raised in the Napa Valley ~~ and traditional folk songs of Ireland , Scotland & British Isles.

When ?

Probably THIS coming SATURDAY`, 

so Look over on our Up Valley Vintners Performance Schedule

…. over HERE 

Please let us know what you think !

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