Contact Us

You can call John Kelly : (707) 255-3971

or email John :

or mail via U.S. Postal Service :  John Kelly , P.O. Box 5921, Napa, CA 94581.

Please call or send us an email for any questions regarding booking, where you can see us, to say hi, or just anything. Also, please request if you’d like to be on our notifications emailer list by sending us an email by which to do so.

However, if you opt to be notified through our website here, just go to the ‘Follow’ button on the right sidebar of this site, and click. It will ask you for your email address, and such…then WordPress will email you everytime we make a new update to Kelly & Jekel Duo website. Simple !

John has his own website at : Napa Valley Leathercraft

Jennifer has one too !  Jenjoyce Design


Please let us know what you think !

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