Farmers Market 2012

Farmers’ Market 2012 is at 500 First Street (Next to Oxbow Market)

This year’s Farmers Market schedule favored us nicely. This new market season we will not only play our usual mix of Irish & British Isles folk music, with John’s vocals, but will also play a lot of our own instrumental compositions we have been busy polishing up. The Napa Farmers market has run several years now from the parking lot of Oxbow Market, stuffed to bursting with California certified produce, local food venders, artisan goods, and if that’s not enough, the Oxbow market is right there next door ! In the market there is seating with tables near our tent where we’ll be playing, for those who care to have a tea or coffee and something yummy to eat while enjoying the live music, as well as the general cheery bustle of our little town’s local farmers and shoppers. An event which no local should ignore !

If you would like more information , check out the farmers market website :

These are the dates we’re playing this year, please come see us !
We start at 8:30 in the morning and play until 11:30am.

May 1 ~ Tuesday (opening day)

May 29 ~ Tuesday

June 2 ~ Saturday

June 23 ~ Saturday

July 7 ~ Saturday

August 7 ~ Tuesday

September 8 ~ Saturday

October 6 ~ Saturday

Please let us know what you think !

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