Uptown Courtyard Music

Did you know that the owner of Suppertime Restaurant is also the backstage caterer for the musicians who perform at the Uptown Theater? Well, this year there is an event happening in May called “West-End Wednesdays” and for this she has decided to do something very special for the community, by opening a little courtyard cafe adjacent to the Uptown Theater. Guess who she has asked to play three evenings in May ~ yes ’tis we, the Kelly & Jekel Duo ! It will be our delight to play this all-instrumental affair of all original compositions of ours. Please come, make the opportunity for this new little Acoustic Hot Spot settle in with success. Come listen to our music too, I bet you’ll like it ! Ever hear of “Bohemian Nouveau” ? I thought not. Well, this is your opportunity ! Come have supper at the cafe, we will be playing between the hours of 5 and 7pm.

Where? The Courtyard Cafe At The Uptown Theater , right next to the Uptown Theater, 1350 Third Street in downtown Napa. These are the dates you’ll find us there,

May 9 ~ Wednesday, 5-7pm
May 16 ~ Wednesday, 5-7pm
May 23 ~ Wednesday, 5-7pm

More dates to come and as soon as we know, they will be posted !

Please let us know what you think !

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